20th June 2017

South West In Bloom 2017

This year, the town of Bradford on Avon, is entering the Preece Cup category of the RHS South West in Bloom annual competition. The Judge, Tony Moore, will visit us on the morning of Wednesday 5th July, and will be presented with a video which has captured Community gardening activities and filming of our beautiful Town.

In addition to the above, both the Preservation Trust and the Railway Station have entered the separate category of ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ and their work will be highlighted on a tour of the town.

We hope Residents and members of the Business Community will help spruce the town up along the route in preparation for the Judge’s visit.  What a fabulous accolade it would be for us to win!

All photos ©Lydia Booth Photography

The town will be judged on various aspects of horticultural achievement, environmental responsibility and Community participation. We have already spotted copious examples of both cultivated and wild flowers all around the Town, more of which can be seen on our Facebook post HERE

The route around the town is detailed below:

For more information on South West in Bloom, visit their website: HERE