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Support for the tourist industry & annual/one-off events

Bradford on Avon is renowned for both its natural beauty and historic buildings and is widely recognised as one of the most important industrial heritage towns in the south-west of England, with good transportation links and located close the to the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bath.

We have a dedicated Tourism & Events Officer and also run the Tourism Information Centre in Westbury Gardens, which is staffed by local volunteers.

We have identified five priorities within our Tourism Strategy:

  • Visitor Experience – to ensure that the visitor gets the best possible experience from visiting the town including great customer service and the ability to navigate the town easily and safely.
  • Developing the Destination –through improving the physical and natural environment Bradford on Avon will be an attractive destination to live, work visit and play that will support the economy in the town.
  • Product Development – to build on the assets of history and heritage and to strengthen and grow, unknown or newly established products so that the town can benefit from extended seasons and create new and compelling experiences for the visitors.
  • Partnership Working – to work with stakeholders to deliver the elements of the destination management plan.
  • Market Development and Communications – Identify new and emerging markets eg the curious traveler, that are suited to the offer in Bradford on Avon and how best to communicate with them. Further, to make the best of our memberships to Destination Management Organisations and the Great West Way.

Bradford on Avon Town Council’s Tourism Strategy can be downloaded HERE

Visit our fantastic Tourism & Events website EXPLORE Bradford on Avon HERE

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