13th March 2020

Tourist Information Centre temporarily closed

Due to ongoing developments re: Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have decided to temporarily close the Bradford on Avon Tourist Information Centre until further notice.

This decision has been made as there has been a dramatic drop in the amount of tourists visiting the area and with the wellbeing of TIC volunteers in mind. There HAVE NOT been any cases of COVID-19 reported by any volunteers/users of the TIC.

In the meantime the Tourist Information window, Explore BoA website and social media feeds (@ExploreBoA) will provide information to visitors.

The Town map is available to view in the window of the TIC building and can also be downloaded HERE or by clicking on the map below:

Worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Wiltshire Council are providing information on their dedicated page HERE

In addition, Wiltshire Council have produced a COVID-19 Community Pack which you can download HERE