28th June 2019

Town Council and Wiltshire Council liaise on process of devolution 

Over the coming weeks, Bradford on Avon Town Council is pleased to be working in partnership with Wiltshire Council with the ambition of agreeing on devolution of assets and services within the parish boundary. The process will bring various assets and services under Bradford on Avon Town Council’s control and is part of Wiltshire Council’s drive to encourage communities to provide assets and services locally.

Richard Clewer, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for corporate resources said:

“I know Bradford on Avon is keen to bring a local touch to providing these assets and services and they have great plans for the future. I’m looking forward to working with them as we move this important project forward.”

With assets and services managed, funded and delivered at a local level there will be much greater opportunity to set standards which meet the needs of residents and users, as well as ensuring the realisation of an holistic vision of amenities.

The Town Council already has good working relationships with many local organisations and volunteers who supplement existing services and is confident that the devolution could benefit the town greatly.

Mayor of Bradford on Avon and Chair of the Town Development Committee, Cllr Simon McNeill-Ritchie said:

 “In a time of austerity, bringing more assets and services under local control gives us the opportunity to invest in and manage our green spaces, town amenities and services to a standard our residents expect and wish.”

As discussions with Wiltshire Council progress, the Town Council will release further information regarding areas/services and timescales.

Photos Lydia Booth Photography