30th November 2022

Update on the Future of Transport in Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon Town Council organised a meeting with Michelle Donelan MP and Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, the Wiltshire Council cabinet member for Highways, to discuss the progress on developing a new traffic solution for Bradford on Avon. 

The meeting was held on Friday, 25 November at the Town Council office. 

It followed a request from Wiltshire Council to pay a significant proportion of the modelling cost of a new traffic scheme.

At the meeting, Wiltshire Council reiterated its request and stated that the contribution expected would be two-thirds of the £50,000 cost. 

Wiltshire Council said it cannot fund the cost in full due to pressures on its £20m highways budget.  

Chair of the Bradford on Avon Town Council Sustainable Travel Committee, Cllr Tim Trimble said: “The sum we are being asked to commit is more than the Town Council’s annual budget for highways related issues. 

“The Town Council is therefore asking for some critical information before a decision is made. 

“The Town Council wants to see written confirmation of Wiltshire Council’s statement that the request is in line with what has happened in other places in the county. 

“The Town Council also needs an assurance that if it pays most of the cost that the Town Council will have a major input into the way the modelling is carried out.”

Cllr Trimble added: “Bradford on Avon Town Council is not a highway authority, but so far it alone has shouldered the cost of finding a traffic solution for the town. 

“However, given the importance of the issue, the Town Council will consider finding this funding once it has received the written information asked for from Wiltshire Council.”

Following the Town Council’s Future of Transport consultation in November 2021, the Town Council issued the final report to Wiltshire Council on Wednesday, 6 April 2022. 

Since then, the Town Council has pursued Wiltshire Council to complete traffic modelling which would enable the town to identify a suitable traffic solution.