12th June 2023

Wessex Water to install new sewage tank at Victory Field

Wessex Water will install a new sewage storage tank at Victory Field to improve the health of the river later this year.

Wessex Water will start installing the storage tank in September 2023 and anticipate the work will be completed by spring 2024.

A construction team will remove several sections of the stone wall at the top of Pound Lane to allow access for a temporary compound and pipework, with the wall to be fully reinstated after the project is completed.

Access for vehicles to and from Pound Lane will be maintained. However, space regularly used by parked cars will be unavailable at the top of the lane.

The regular youth football pitches at Victory Field (closest to Frome Road) will also be affected by the compound.

The scheme will ensure the system can cope with rapid increases in wastewater flow after heavy rains.

More than 160,000 litres of extra storage will be built below ground to prevent the combined sewer from overflowing to the river Avon when there’s a heavy storm.

It transfers both foul water from people’s homes and rainwater from downpipes and drains to a nearby water recycling centre for treatment.