14th July 2023

We’ve launched a petition to oppose the ticket office closure proposals

We have launched a petition to oppose the proposed closure of the local train station ticket office.

Please help to stop the proposed closure of the ticket office by signing our change.org petition.

Ticket offices are valued resources which help the community day in, day out. And in Bradford on Avon, that is no different.

Alongside all other train operators, Great Western Railway (GWR) is consulting on proposals to close almost all ticket offices.

We believe they are short sighted and could lead to an overall reduction in the number of passengers, quite the opposite of what is needed and in direct opposition to the need to encourage low carbon forms of travel at a time of climate crisis.

As well as signing our petition, you have until Friday 1 September to voice your opposition by completing a survey on GWR’s website.

Chair of the Bradford on Avon Town Council, Sustainable Travel committee, Councillor Tim Trimble said: “These proposals discriminate against vulnerable and disabled travellers who may be driven away from rail travel altogether.

“The ticket office is also a valuable source of advice on routes and fares for those who do not have access to online information.

“We must do our best to keep our ticket office open, so I urge you to sign the petition and register your objections on the GWR website.”

We want the ticket office to continue helping travellers. But to achieve this we will need your support and strong backing.

We want to do everything possible to save the ticket office, as it happened once before in 2011.

There is also a national petition available on Change.org.