1st April 2022

Wiltshire Council and Bradford on Avon Town Council confirm transfer of services and assets

Cllr Kevin Daley, Portfolio Holder for Passenger Transport and Streetscene and Bradford on Avon Mayor, Cllr Sarah Gibson in Barton Farm Country Park

SEVERAL services and assets in Bradford on Avon have today (1 April) been passed from Wiltshire Council to Bradford on Avon Town Council to enable the local community to have more say in how their services are run.

The transfer means we will now take responsibility for grounds maintenance, such as grass cutting, and streetscene services in the town,

while also taking over several buildings, allotments, play areas, the town market, cemeteries and parts of amenity land.

“This is fantastic news for residents as the town council progresses with ambitious plans for Bradford on Avon,” Mayor, Cllr Sarah Gibson

We will have the autonomy to manage these services and facilities as we sees fit.

This gives the Town Council an opportunity to focus to local priorities without any input from Wiltshire Council.

Similar transfers have already taken place in Chippenham, Salisbury and other towns around the county.

Town Mayor, Cllr Sarah Gibson said: “Bradford on Avon Town Council is pleased to bring services such as grass cutting, the market and allotments under local management.

“This is fantastic news for residents as the town council progresses with ambitious plans for Bradford on Avon.

“Community Asset Transfer has been a lengthy process, but it has been great to work with Wiltshire Council to deliver a positive outcome for Bradford on Avon.”

Barton Farm Country Park

Cllr Phil Alford, Cabinet Member for Asset Transfers, said: “We’re delighted to be handing these services and assets to Bradford on Avon Town Council.

“This transfer will enable the local community and its assets to be more resilient and will give the town more say in how these services and facilities run, to ensure they are sustainable in the long-term.

“The town council can now focus on its priorities for these services, without any involvement from Wiltshire Council, and I’d like to thank the town council for working in partnership with our officers to complete this process.”

As part of the transfer, we will take on Wiltshire Council’s idverde grounds maintenance contract from Friday, 1 April, until Wednesday, 30 November, when the contract ends.

The Town Council will then decide on any new provision for these services.