26th February 2021

It’s time to GROW again!

For much of 2020, scores of Bradford on Avon’s residents took solace in the Town Council’s GROW project, which saw two seed and plant ‘swap stations’ pop up at the St Laurence Road planters and the Town Council-owned phone box at the top of Whitehill.

Cllrs Alex Kay, Dom Newton and Emma Franklin helped to build seed plant troughs, stock and tidy the stations and water them on hot days, along with other members of the public chipping in to help and joining in to share the joy of giving and receiving plants and seeds!

Hundreds of donations of seeds, seedlings, more mature plants and
plant pots were made throughout the growing season, with photos of the resulting bounties, mainly edible, shared by many on the GROW Facebook page and group: https://www.facebook.com/GROWBradfordonAvon

As the pandemic rolled on, many, whether experienced or new to growing, found pleasure in developing their skills and the ability to attain a degree of self-sufficiency. So it seems fitting that, as we now enter a second year of restrictions, the project re-launches!

And this time, we are ahead! Anyone can join in, with giving to others bringing just as much happiness as receiving, so please start sharing seeds and consider growing more seedlings than you need for the 2021 season.

Of course, not everyone will have something to give at the start, but collect some seeds from one of the stations and you will soon have more seedlings than you need and will be ready to share back.

To help you along, we have produced a handy reminder timetable of what and when to grow, and we are really looking forward to seeing your plant and produce photos as the days lengthen and weather brightens up!

Click on the link below to download the timetable, though remember to always check the instructions on your seed packets as some varieties have different sowing times.

Photos Lydia Booth Photography



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