26th July 2018

The Hub sends urgent request for food bank donations

“We are reaching crisis point” is the stark warning of the manager of The Hub, Avril Clarke.  “In the three years that we have been running, I have never seen empty shelves in the Food Bank”

The Hub in Bradford on Avon runs the local food bank and debt counselling service, providing vital help for low-income families and homeless people.

“We are even running out of baked beans” says Avril.  “We are very concerned because during the summer holidays there is a greater need for food for low-income families whose children normally have a school meal.”

The Food Bank likes to provide an average box for families during school holidays of 1 packet of cereal, 4 tins of soup, 4 tins of baked beans, 1 tin of tomatoes, 1 jar of pasta sauce, instant or tinned potatoes, tinned fruit, tin of meat, tin of fish, packet of pasta, packet of rice, box of tea bags, packet of biscuits, sweets and toilet rolls.  In recent weeks it just hasn’t been possible to provide all of these basics.

All donations of tinned goods, cereals, UHT milk, etc will be very welcome at The Hub, Church Street, Bradford on Avon.  The Hub is open Monday – Friday 10am – 1pm.  There is also a collection point at Sainsbury’s in Bradford on Avon.