13th January 2021

Bring your ideas to life

As a community, just like the rest of the country, we have been soldiering on through the pandemic in many inspiring ways over the past 10 months. And whilst it has been and continues to be a tough period for everyone,  some have been impacted more than others, whether in terms of health, finances or less tangible impacts such as loneliness and a sense of isolation. 

Last year, as part of our response to the pandemic, Bradford on Avon Town Council devised the GROW project, which saw hundreds of people across the community swapping seeds and plants, with many people trying their hand at growing things for the first time and finding solace in their gardens and windowsills. The project was a great success and we will be re-launching it in the spring 

But for now, we would love to hear from the community and any ideas that you may have to cheer, connect and inspire each other over the coming months.  

We’re particularly interested to hear about ideas that will support the community during the pandemic*, both for residents or to support the town’s independent retail offeringand also projects that will help to address or raise awareness of the Climate and Ecological Emergencies. 

If you have an idea that you would like to implement, but need some financial support, the Town Council have two grant schemes available, and are trustees of a further charity which provides grants for projects centred around children and young people. 

To find out more and apply visit the following pages, dependent on your project focus: 

Projects aimed at community support, improvement &  wellbeing:


Projects aimed at raising awareness about or tackling the climate and ecological emergencies:


Projects benefitting children and young person’s up to the age of 25:




*Please note that all accepted proposals should take account of Covid-19 restrictions at the time of implementation.