Future of Transport

What was the Future of Transport consultation?

The Future of Transport consultation launched in late 2021 as an exercise in collecting data and comments on traffic in Bradford on Avon.

The results of the Future of Transport consultation have been compiled by Bristol based company, Copper Consultancy.

What were the results of the consultation?

Over 2,700 people responded to the consultation and identified three key priorities; pedestrian and cyclist safety, air quality and traffic volume.

On Tuesday, 29 March the Sustainable Transport Committee met to discuss the results of the Future of Transport consultation and agreed to send the Copper Consultancy report to the highways department at Wiltshire Council.

You can view the Sustainable Transport Committee meeting in full on the Bradford on Avon Town Council YouTube channel.

What is happening right now?

The report was sent to Wiltshire Council, alongside a covering letter, which will be analyse the data which will inform any future traffic scheme.

On Thursday, 28 April, Bradford on Avon Town Council received a letter from Wiltshire Council and had reviewed the consultation report. It also considered the Town Council’s priorities with the letter asking to clarify its interpretation of the results.

At the Annual Town Council meeting on Tuesday, 3 May, councillors unanimously agreed to support Wiltshire Council’s traffic management approach.

Councillors added that they were keen to see mitigations in those areas likely to see an increased volume of traffic embedded in any scheme from the beginning.

Responding to the letter from Wiltshire Council, Bradford on Avon Town Council wrote in reply: “Members would like to stress that the consultation questions, and the views expressed, related to town wide issues and are not centred solely on the area around the bridge.

“We would like to see initial thoughts that provide strategy for the whole town and its wider connections, including measures that ultimately reduce traffic volume as well as address pedestrian safety and air quality concerns.”