22nd July 2020

Biodiversity Surveyors appointed

Back in June 2020, the Town Council adopted a Biodiversity Policy and subsequently agreed a scope of work for a Biodiversity Survey in Bradford on Avon, in order to establish the current ‘state of nature’ within areas under our management.

The purpose of the survey will be to inform Town Council land management decisions, in order to protect and enhance biodiversity for future generations.

Following proposals from a number of specialist contractors who were invited to tender, local company Ecosulis were appointed by the Town Council’s Environment and Planning Committee on 8th July, at the same meeting that the Town Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration was amended to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

“Ecosulis specialises in turning our client’s nature restoration ambitions into reality,”
says Cain Blythe, Ecosulis Managing Director.
“As a local business with employees living in Bradford on Avon, we are delighted to have been contracted to advise on ways to enhance the town’s biodiversity.
With this contract the Town Council have shown a great commitment to nature restoration and supporting a community that is already highly engaged in improving Bradford on Avon’s green spaces.
We anticipate significant benefits for residents, visitors and local wild nature in the coming years.”

Leader of the Council, Dom Newton, who along with Deputy Mayor Cllr Alex Kay, proposed the Biodiversity Policy, Survey and Ecological Emergency amendment said:

“Living through the past few months of lockdown, many of us experienced an enhanced appreciation of nature and it’s effect on well-being, as we are fortunate in Bradford on Avon to already have colourful local ecology.
However, as the 2019 State of Nature Report highlighted, wildlife numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate and so anything we can do to help animals, birds, insects and plants thrive is worth doing; for them, and us. To do that, we need first to understand what the current situation is, and are very pleased to appoint Ecosulis in order to establish that.
We are also thrilled to hear that other nearby local authorities are starting to consider declaring Ecological Emergencies, with Trowbridge Town Council doing so last night and BANES to consider this next week. Doing so, will provide ecology a vital lifeline through an expanding network of environments managed with biodiversity in mind.”

We will bring you more biodiversity news and updates over the coming weeks and look forward to sharing the findings from the survey as they are submitted.

Wildlife photos by Alan Benson Photography commissioned by Bradford on Avon Town Council