3rd July 2019

The St Laurence School Science Block fund

In November 2018 St Laurence School launched an appeal to raise funds for their new science block....
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15th April 2019

Waddle on down to Westbury Garden for a quacking good time!

On Monday 22 April, Easter Monday, Bradford on Avon Town Council will be hosting the annual...
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5th April 2019

Have your say on local schools for Special Needs and Disabilities

Parents from the SEND Families Action Group attended last night’s Full Council meeting to bring...
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3rd April 2017

Children’s Easter Workshops

Join in one our fun workshops this Easter. Fun Workshops - Easter Bonnets & Mad...
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14th June 2018

Improvements to Sladesbrook Play Area

We’re pleased to announce that new play equipment will be being installed at the Sladesbrook Play...
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9th July 2018

Youth Strategy comes to life!

The Town Council’s Youth Strategy, authored by Leader of the Council Dom Newton and adopted by...
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30th July 2018

BoA Women’s 100 community creative project

BoA Women's 100 have a new community creative project! The idea is to challenge young girls to...
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10th September 2018

Town Council funds inter – generational play sessions

There has been a lot in the media recently about the benefits of play sessions involving young...
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21st November 2018

Meet BOA’s Shining Light of 2018

You may have heard about our recent request for residents to nominate someone from Bradford on Avon...
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26th February 2019

Town Council to support local Health & Well-being services

Town Councillors have confirmed a decision made in setting the new year’s budget to provide...
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