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Projects and proposals in progress & latest news

The Town Council has passed various resolutions on Climate and Ecological Emergency, but some actions take longer to deliver than others.  This page focuses on those elements of policy or projects which are in progress.  Keep an eye on our News Page for further developments. 

Climate related projects:  

Electric Vehicle Charging points

In November 2020 the Environment and Planning Committee committed the Town Council to installing EV charging points  for community and visitor use.

In April 2021, Full Council agreed to install four EV charging points at the Youth and Community centre as an initial step, selecting Electric Blue as the contractor after a tendering exercise.

These will take advantage of the power produced by our Solar Panels, and our green energy tariff, to make sure that the charging points don’t have an unintended climate impact.  Other sites may follow as part of the redevelopment of the Culver Close Pavilion, and around St. Margaret’s Hall.

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Bowling Club borehole 

Water use has a climate impact, so anything we can do to reduce the use of mains water is an improvement, and can also save money.  Given the close proximity of the Bowling Club to the river, watering the bowling lawn at Barton Farm with borehole -produced groundwater, rather than treated mains water, will reduce the Council’s footprint, and also save it money within two years – a win on both counts.   

A new Pavilion

The existing pavilion on Culver Field is not fit for purpose, and work is underway with Bradford on Avon Cricket Club and other partners to replace it with a modern purpose-built facility.   

This gives us the opportunity to ensure that the building is as efficient as possible, potentially approaching Passive Build standards, and that eco-technology is built directly in at design stage. Ensuring that these elements are captured will form part of the tender specification as the Town Council selects an architect to move the project forward. 

This project will also act as a proof-of-concept for replacement of other buildings coming to the end of their life, and for renovations. It will also link closely with the deployment of EV charging points. 

Electric Vehicles

Following successful trials of four potential vehicles, the Town Council has now selected an electric vehicle for use by the Town Wardens.

This will allow us to reduce and eventually eliminate the reliance on the diesel vehicle shared with the Community Emergency Volunteers, particularly in light of larger areas of land and services being transferred from Wiltshire Council as part of the Asset Transfer process.

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Community fridge 

The Community Fridge project had fallen victim to the Covid-19 pandemic.  However, in late June 2022, the project was launched with food for the fridge being donated by the Bridge Yard Co-op. Thanks to this national scheme, the Community Fridge is regularly stocked.

Food production accounts for a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions – so reducing food waste is a simple but effective way to reduce the town’s carbon footprint. 

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Water Fountains

The Town Council installed three water fountains around Bradford on Avon in November 2019 and has since then adorned them with plaques featuring the work of local poets.

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Ecology related projects:


Lighting strategy 

Part of the Wildlife Protection Policy Statement passed in November 2020 was the creation of a Lighting Strategy for the town.  This will enhance the habitat of creatures like bats, which can be adversely affected by pools of light, and also reduces energy consumption. 

While the Town Council may  not directly control lighting infrastructure such as street-lighting, it does play a role in the planning process.  It can comment on lighting spill from facilities such as sports pitches and commercial premises – and also ensure that new Town Council developments have a positive impact.   The strategy may also extend to advising business and other public sector agencies in the town to reduce their own lighting ‘spill’.  

Insect Hotels 

All creatures, great and small, are part of our ecosystem, and some of our small inhabitants play a key role in tidying up and sustaining larger life – aiding composting and decomposition, and pollinating plants which then support animals, birds and bats. 

Insect hotels are a great way to assist in this, and the Town Council is collecting materials and supporting Ellie, a young person who lives in the town, in creating these in several locations.   

Town Council procurement and supply chain

The Ecological Emergency Declaration provided that a review of procurement would be undertaken to ensure that consumables used are sustainably sourced, and that the carbon and ecological footprint of the Council is mapped.  

It also committed that procurement and management practices will be consistent with the two declarations, with appropriate instructions draft and delivered to Town Council suppliers.   

This has not yet been completed, and will be prioritised early in the new year. 

Living Green Wall

Bradford on Avon Town Council has unveiled an environmental project aiming to improve the town’s eco-impact whilst making it look even more beautiful.

The Living Green Wall is connected to an automated irrigation system and the Town Council is responsible for its maintenance.

Not only will the wall attract visitors to the town, but it will have many benefits for residents, such as reducing carbon dioxide in the area by absorbing it.

Studies have found that Living Green Walls cool the surface area by 12-20 degrees C when compared to a bare wall.

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