Can You Help?

Bradford on Avon Town Council are planning an event on Sunday 3rd August 2014 to Rededicate the War Memorial in Westbury Gardens.  As part of this event the Roll of Honour is being refurbished and will be on display in St Margaret’s Hall.  The Roll of Honour lists the names of all the people who fought in the First World War and the Town Council is keen for families to get in touch and attend the Rededication event.

If you are a relative of any of the people listed below please can you contact the Town Council either by emailing or telephoning 01225 864240.

Adams, C.E.            Sgt 6th Wilts
Adams, W.J.            SME
Alexander, F.            RFC
Alford, E.R.            3rd(?) Wilts
Alford, V.W.            5th Wilts
Allen, F.V.            4th Wilts
Allen, G.            1st Wilts
Allen, P.            4th Wilts
Amor, T.H.            ASC
Andrews, G.            4th Wilts
Andrews, W.H.G.            4th Wilts
Angell, F.H.            6th Wilts
Appleby, A.J.            Gnr RFA
Archard, A.H.     5th R Berks
Arlett, G.            L/Cpl 2nd Wilts
Ashman, L.R.            8th Wilts
Atwell, W.            Lt, RN
Austin, F.J.            1st R Warwicks
Axford, C.            4th Wilts
Bailey, G.(?)            3rd Wilts
Bailey, W.H.            4th Wilts
Bainton, E.A.            1st Wilts
Bainton, P.R.            Drummer 1st Wilts
Baker, A.H.            2/Lt Wessex Eng
Bancroft, A.L.            8th Hussars
Bancroft, A.W.            5th Wilts
Bancroft, R.            RFA
Bancroft, W.            RE
Bancroft, W.H.    Som LI
Banks, N.G.            L/Cpl 4th Wilts
Banks, W.J.            Sgt 4th Wilts
Barlow, C.E.            –
Batchelor, E.E.T.  KRRC
Batchelor, F.            RAMC
Bates, H.            –
Bates, R.            –
Beaven, E.E.            RFA
Beaven, J.            3 Wilts
Beazer, J.            4th Wilts
Bendall, A.            7th Wilts
Bendle, R.W.            6th Wilts
Bennett, A.            4th Wilts
Bigwood, F.            2nd Dorsets
Bigwood, H.            1st Wilts
Bigwood, J.            1st Wilts
Bigwood, J.            8th Wilts
Bigwood, W.            1st Wilts
Blick, W.            4th Wilts
Bodman, B.            Motor Transport
Bodman, P.            3rd Hussars
Bodman, S.J.            18th Hussars
Bodman, W.            14th Hussars
Bourne, S.            Lt S Africa(?)
Bowles, P.W.            RFA
Boxwell, A.A.              Gunnery Inst, RN
Bray, B.            RE
Bray, C.            4th Wilts
Bray, M.            4th Wilts
Bray, W.            RAMC
Breen, G.T.            8th Wilts
Bricker, F.            8th Wilts
Bricker, H.            2nd Dorsets
Bricker, H.F.            L/Cpl RE
Bricker, H.J.            L/Cpl 1st Wilts
Bricker, H.S.            2nd Dorsets
Bricker, H.S.            L/Cpl 8th Wilts
Bricker, W.            Cpl 1st Dorsets
Bricker, W.E.            2nd Wilts
Bright, W.            2nd Yorks
Bristow, L.(?)            RHA
Britten, L.            Drummer 8th Wilts
Brown, D.            3rd(?) Wilts
Brown, E.J.            4th Wilts
Brown, F.            4th Wilts
Brown, H.H.            A&SH
Brown, J.            RFA
Brown, J.F.            Cpl 5th Wilts
Brown, R.J.            RE
Brown, S.            5th Hants
Brown, W.H.            RAMC
Brown, W.J.            12th N Staffs
Bryant, G.            RFA
Bryant, H.            ? Trans? HA
Bryant, W.            6th Wilts
Bryant, W.H.            PPO
Budd, L.W.            Sgt 10th Royal Fusiliers
Burgess, A.V.            R Wilts Yeo
Burgess, P.R.            1st Dorsets
+Burnett, W.P.            6th Wilts
Burrows, J.H.            Ox & Bucks LI
Butt, A.            4th Wilts
Butt, A.E.            33rd Trench Mortar Bty, RA
Butt, A.E.            5th Wilts
Butt, E.E.            3rd(?) Wilts
Butterworth, T.         –
Bungay, H.P.            Spr(?) SME
Burgess, V.H.            CC
Burrows, J.            10th Middx
Burton, G.            2nd Wilts
Burton, W.            4th Wilts
Busby, C.            Sgt Drummer 3rd Wilts
Butcher, C.            –
Butcher, E.F.            KRRC
Butcher, F.H.            3rd Wilts
Byfield, W.H.            Cpl 4th Wilts
Cable, H.            RFA
Caines, J.S.            Chief Steward RN
Caines, W.J.            4th Wilts
Carleton, K.O.    MGC
Carrier, A.T.            ASC
Carrier, C.H.            4th Wilts
Carrier, S.            6th Wilts
Chapman, A.            –
Chapman, P.C.     6th Wilts
Chinnery, A.G.     1st Hants
Chinnery, T.H.            Cpl 1st Wilts
Chivers, T.            L/Cpl RN
Clark, H.J.            4th Wilts
Clift, C.            AB, RN
Cole, C.W.            3rd Wilts
Cole, J.R.            RGA
Coles, R.A.            Pte 1st Wilts
Collier, F.            Sgt 1st Wilts
Collisson, C.H.     Sgt Can Inf
Comley, E.J.            5th Wilts
Coombs, P.E.            1st Wilts
Coupland, W.J.            RAMC
Coward, W.            MGC
Coward, W.E.                L/Cpl 8th Wilts
Chinnery, A.G.            AC
Chinnery, E.            Sgt RGA
Chivers, W.            Sgt 6th Wilts
Coffin, H.            RFA
Coles, F.            Gnr RFA
Collier, E.A. –
Cooper, J.A.            2/Lt RE
Coupland, A.            Denby Hussars
Cowlishaw, A.W.    RGA
Cox, G.W.            10th Hussars
Cripps, S.H.            PO RN Div
Croker, D.B.            G Guards
Crouch, G.H.            4th Wilts
Cummins, E.            12th Glos
Curtis, W.G.            6th R Mun Fus
Dagger, A.            MGC
Dagger, E.            3rd Wilts
Dagger, W.            ASC
Dainton, H.H.            6th Wilts
Dallimore, A.C.     RFA
Davis, E.            4th Wilts
Davis, E.J.            3rd(?) Wilts
Davis, H.J.            1/5th DCLI
Davis, W.            4th Wilts
Deacon, A.S.            6th Wilts
Deacon, F.E.            R Fus
Derrick, E.F.L.            8th Wilts
Dixon, L.            4th Wilts
Doddington, J.            Sgt 5th Wilts
Doddington, R.            4th Wilts
Doel, J.H.            AB RN
Dotesio, E.B.            4th Wilts
Dotesio, J.H.            Cpl 8th Som LI
Douglas, A.R.            Mid RN
Douglas, P.W.            Lt-Cdr RN
Douglas, S.            Lt 16th Middx
Douglas, S.M.            4th Wilts
Draper, J.            4th Wilts
Drew, E.            RGA
Drew, F.J.            RFA
Drew, J.S.            ?Chant? Royal Corps Signals
Drew, N.            7th Wilts
Drew, W.            Cpl 4th Wilts
Duke, E.            7th R West Kents
Elliott, J.            1st Wilts
Elliott, S.J.            2nd Wilts
Ellis, G.            10th Glos
Escott, A.            5th Wilts
Ewence, H.            RAMC
Ewence, J.            CSM 4th Wilts
Ewence, L.            Cpl 5th Wilts
Ewence, R.            99 Field Coy RE
Ewence, V.H.            RAMC
Eyres, W.H.            Cdr RN
Farr, H.            R Mun Fus
Fielding, F.A.J.            4th G Guards
Fisher, F.            RAMC
Flemming, C.C.            Sub-Lt RN
Flemming, T.F.C.  Sub-Lt RN
Fletcher, J.F.            1st Rifle Bde
Fox, W.F.            L/Cpl Aus Imp F
Franklin, E.J.              L/Cpl 1st SWB
Franklin, F.            2nd Wilts
Franklin, H.G.              2ndWilts
French, A.G.            Stoker RN
French, F.H.            3rd or 5th Wilts?
French, W.J.            3rd or 5th Wilts?
Fricker, –             L/Cpl 4th Wilts
Fricker, H.F.            CC
Fricker, W.L.            6th Wilts
Fry, H.            –
Fuller, K.C.L.               ASC
Gard, E.W.            1st Wilts
Gay, F.             Driver RE
Gay, F.             4thWilts
Gay, S.             4thWilts
Gibson, W.            Sgt 4th Wilts
Giles, C.            Sgt 2nd Wilts
Giles, F.            Stoker RN
Giles, H.            RE
Giles, W.            L/Cpl 3rd (?) Wilts
Gillard, F.            RFA
Godwin, A.            5th Wilts
Gornall, J.            RGA
Gornall, T.B.            4th Worcs
Gorton, W.            3rd Hussars
Gorton, W.E.            3rd or 5th Hussars?
Green, H.P.            4th Wilts
Greenland, H.            –
Griffiths, A.            2nd ? Guards?
Griffiths, T.            Cpl 3rd or 5thHussars?
Hack, E.F.            RAMC
Haile, W.C.            L/Cpl KRRC
Hale, G.            5th Wilts
Hannay, P.J.            RE
Hannay, W.G.            RB
Hanney, L.E.            12th Hussars
Hanney, R.            4th Wilts
Hanney, W.            Som LI
Harding, F.S.            2nd Wilts
Harford, E.            RGA
Harris, G.F.            Stoker RN
Harris, W.B.            Lt QM 6th Wilts
Harrison, H.E.            QMS 5th Wilts
Hart, B.            4th Wilts
Hart, H.S.            4th Wilts
Hart, N.            2nd SWB
Harvey, H.R.            7th Wilts
Hayes, M.E.            4th Hants
Hedges, H.J.            5th Wilts
Hellard, A.E.            CMSC
Herrington, H.J.G.  2nd Wilts
Herwitt, H.L.L.            2/Lt 4th Wilts
Hewitt, E.L.L.              2/Lt 5th Wilts
Hibbard, N.S.            2/Lt 3rd Hussars
Hibberd, A.W.             RN
Hibberd, C.S.            4th Wilts
Hibberd, W.T.    2nd Wilts
Hicks, H.G.            Stoker RN
Hill, A.            Drummer 2nd Wilts
Hill, F.P.            6th Leinster R
Hill, T.E.            1st Wilts
Hill, W.J.            7th Wilts
Hillier, A.            ASC
Hillier, E.R.                   RAMC
Hinton, F.W.            RM Light Inf
Hobbs, G.            7th (?) Wilts
Hobbs, G.F.            RM Light Inf
Hodges, W.H.            ASC
Holborn, W.J .            Cpl 2nd Wilts
Holbrook, R.            Cpl 4th Wilts
Holbrook, S.            8th Wilts
Holbrook, W.            L/Cpl 4th Wilts
Holloway, W.J.     1st Wilts
Hopkins, C.T.            ASC
Howell, A.            5th Wilts
Howell, E.            4th Wilts
Howell, F.H.            Wessex E
Howell, G.H.              Drummer 2nd Wilts
Howell, P.            KRRC
Howell, P.            Rif Brig
Howell, W.            4th Wilts
Hudson, G.            2/Lt R Wilts Yeo
Hunt, G.O.            1st/1st Ox & Bucks
Hunt, P.            2nd Wilts
Huntley, A.            8th Wilts
Huntley, E.            4th Wilts
Huntley, E.            5th Wilts
Huntley, F.            Sgt 4th Wilts
Huntley, H.J.            4th Wilts
Huntley, R.            6th Wilts
Huntley, W.            Drummer Cpl R Dub Fus
Huntley, W.A.    10th DLI
Jackson, S.A.            North Fus
James, A.H.            Cpl 4th Wilts
James, R.            Sgt 4th (?) Wilts
James, V.            4th(?) Wilts
Jennings, J.H.            L/Cpl Hants
Johnson, J.S.            1st Wilts
Jones, C.            2nd Wilts
Jones, E.            4th Wilts
Jones, H.A.            8th R Dub Fus
Jones, H.B.            Middx Regt
Jones, H.C.            Cpl CAC(?)
Jones, H.J.            4th Wilts
Jones, N.            6th Wilts
Keates, D.R.            ASC
Keats, F.J.            Drummer, 10th Glosters
Keats, W.            L/Cpl 5th Wilts
Keevil, E.H.            4th Wilts
Kendall, C.W.            6th Wilts
Kennard, M.N.    18th W Yorks
Kent, A.            4th Som LI
Kent, J.            4 Som LI
King, A.S.            4th Wilts
King, F.            6th Wilts
King, G.            QMS 3rd Wilts
King, H.            1st Wilts
King, J.            Cpl 5th Wilts
King, J.            Cpl 5th Wilts
Kingston, V.E.            Bugler 8th Wilts
Knapp, A.            5th Wilts
Knapp, W.            1st Wilts
Knott, H.H.            5th Wilts
Kyte, F.G.            8th Wilts
Kyte, H.G.            8th Wilts
Lane, H.W.            RE
Lansdown, W.            RN
Lapham, J.            RAMC
Lapham, J.C.             L/Cpl 12th Lond Regt
Lapham, L.E.            4th Glos
Lawrence, C.            Co QMS 4th Wilts
Leaver, W.J.            15th R Welsh Fus
Lock, H.H.J.            2nd Wilts
Lock, J.L.E.            L/Cpl 1st Wilts
Lock, L.            2nd Wilts
Long, L.S.            RE
Locke, W.G.            5th Wilts
Love, S.            2nd Wilts
Lowe, P.            4th Wilts
Ludlow, R.N.            L/Cpl 7th Wilts
Ludlow, V.J.            3rd Wilts
Macey, F.            7th London Regt
Mackenzie, D.              Maj 8th E Lancs
Marshall, E.            7th Wilts
Martin, F.L.            AE, RN
Maslen, F.            3rd Wilts
Matthews, F.H.            PO, RN
Matthews, H.J.            AB, RN
Mattock, F.C.            2/Lt 6th Wilts
Mattock, F.H.            Sgt RAMC
Mattock, H.M.    8th KRRC
Mattock, L.T.            6th Wilts
Maundrell, C.H.     3rd Wilts
Mayell, R.Y.            RE
Mayell, W.F.            2nd G Guards
McNeathey, E.            ASC
Merewether, C.K.    Capt 1/4th Wilts
Miles, J.            AB RN
Millard, A.V.            Tank Corps
Millard, F.            L/Cpl 2nd Wilts
Millard, E.            5th Wilts
Miller, C.E.            2nd Wilts
Millett, G.            RMA
Mills, H.            4th Wilts
Milne, –            Lt QB
Misselbrook, L.         8th Som LI
Mitchell, W.            Rand LI
Mitchell, W.            SAD
Mitchell, W.G.            HLI
Mizen, H.W.            5th Wilts
Mock, C.E.            7th Wilts
Mock, H.            3rd Wilts
Monger, L.W.    11th DLI
Moore, C.M.            R Fus
Moore, F.            ERA RN
Moore, H.E.            L/Cpl 6th Wilts
Moore, H.G.            2nd Wilts
Moore, L.            Hants
Moore, R.S.            Sgt 3rd Wilts
Moore, S.A.            2/Lt RE
Moore, S.A.            RFA
Moore, T.W.            Aus Imp F
Morris, F.            4th Wilts
Morris, F.            SWB
Morris, G.J.            3rd Wilts
Morris, T.            3rd Wilts
Morris, W.            ASC
Morris, W.E.            3rd Wilts
Mould, C.            3rd Som LI
Mould, T.            9th  Lan
Moulton, C.E.            2/Lt 6th Wilts
Moulton, J.C.            Lt 4th Wilts
Moxham, L.            Aus N
Munday, F.G.            Sgt 4th Wilts
Neathey –             RMA
Neathey, A.            RFA
Newman, C.H.             ASC
Newman, J.            4th Wilts
Newman, N.W.   Sgt (?) Wilts
Newman, S.N.             6thWilts
Niblett, A.E.            –
Niblett, H.G.            1st Wilts
Niblett, F.S.            8th Wilts
Nichols, B.            4th Wilts
Norris, C.H.            1st Welsh
Norris, G.            1st Mon
Norris, J.            Glos Regt
Norris, W.T.            5th Wilts
Nundy, R.A.            ASC
Orr, J.H.            Capt RGA
Ottridge, F.            Sgt 1st Wilts
Ovens, P.            R Wilts Yeo
Oxx, F.W.            3rd Wilts
Palmer, A.L.            1st R Wilts Yeo
Parfitt, D.            Sgt C(or G?)R
Paterson, A.            ASC
Pearce, A.            ASC
Pearce, G.            –
Pearce, H.            CFA
Pearce, W.            RM Arty
Pearce, W.            3rd Wilts
Pearce, T.            7th Wilts
Penfold, W.            4th Wilts
Penny, A.W.            L/Cpl 1st Wilts
Penny, F.J.            R Mun Fus
Percy, H.F.            Lt/Adj R Wilts Yeo
Pinckney, E.C.             4thWilts
Pollard, R.            Glos Regt
Pople, W.            Bugler, 4th Wilts
Porter, W.A.            WOE RN
Powell, F.S.            R?D
Powney, H.G.            1st Wilts
Pratten, F.J.            ERA, RN
Pratten, J.            4th Wilts
Price, C.A.            Black Watch
Price, C.A.            8th Devons
Price, G.J.            Lt QM Ox & Bucks LI
Price, J.H.            Cpl RGA
Price, W.R.            10th Welch
Pullen, A.            AB RN
Pym, A.            5th Wilts
Raine, H.            8th Wilts
Raine, J.C.            L/Cpl 4th Wilts
Raisey, H.            5th Wilts
Raisey, H.B.            3rd Wilts
Randall, F.C.            2nd R Berks
Ratcliff, E.            RAMC
Reason, H.            North Fus
Rich, S.H.            5th Wilts
Richardson, E.H.B.  Capt 4th Wilts
Richman, A.H.            Sgt R Mun Fus
Ricketts, A.J.             1stWilts
Ricketts, J.A.             5thWilts
Robbins, C.E.            5th Wilts
Robinson, F.            15th Hussars
Rogers, H.S.            Lt, ? Light Inf  (Stra??)
Rogers, S.J.            5th Hants
Rudman, C.W.            6th Wilts
Rudman, F.S.            4th Wilts
Sabine, T.B.A.G.            Capt RFA
Sadd, F.            Cpl Som LI
Sadd, W.E.            5th Wilts
Sage, W.E.            Driver, RFA
Sartain, S.V.            4th Wilts
Sawtell, J.H.            Wilts Yeo
Selfe, A.L.            ASC
Selfe, J.            RE
Seviour, A.            Som LI
Sharps, F.G.            R Mun Fus
Sharps, W.R.            Driver ASC
Shell, E.            Cpl 3rd Dorsets
Sheppard, W.J.            R Dub Fus
Sherman, G.            RFA
Slade, A.H.            N Som Yeo
Smart, F.J.            6th Wilts
Smith, A.J.            Can Rifles
Smith, C.            4th Wilts
Smith, H.            1st Wilts
Smith, L.A.            4th Wilts
Smith, M.M.            4th Wilts
Smith, P.W.            2nd Sussex
Smith, S.F.            7th Wilts
Smith, W.            8th Wilts
Spackman, H.            RM
Spackman, R.            2nd Wilts
Spackman, W.             2ndWilts
Sparks, F.J.            Capt 4th Wilts
Speedy, J.            1st Wilts
Stafford, C.H.            Sgt 4th Wilts
Stafford, E.            3rd Wilts
Stamper, G.            MT, ASC
Stevens, J.            Driver ASC
Stevens, P.A.            4th Wilts
Stirling, M.S.            RGA
Stokes, W.            RFA
Stone, F.            RMA
Stone, H.            R Welsh Fus
Summers, H.A.            R Wilts Yeo
Swanborough, W.A.  1st/4th Wilts
Tadd, F.            3rd Wilts
Tavener, F.G.            4th Wilts
Thyer, R.            ASC
Tiley, F.C.            RFA
Tothill, H.A.D.            Capt RN
Totten, S.            4th Wilts
Totten, W.G.            AB RN
Trimm, W.W.            R Mun Fus
Truman, A.            8th Wilts
Truman, W.G.    2nd Som LI
Tucker, P.H.            4th Wilts
Tucker, W.            –
Turner, R.            RE
Turtell, E.A.            3rd Wilts
Turtell, H.G.            1st Wilts
Turtell, L.V.            1st Wilts
Uncles, B.            –
Uncles, R.            1st Glos
Underhill, F.            5th Wilts
Vennell, P.V.            ASC
Vennell, W.            6th Wilts
Vennell, W.F.            4th Wilts
Vezey, H.            6th Wilts
Vincent, H.            R Mun Fus
Vincent, W.            1st Welsh
Wallington, G.                        –
Wallington, N.                    2/Lt 1st Som LI
Walters, E.            –
Walters, H.W.              13thMiddx
Walton –            1st Wilts
Walton, A.P.            5th Wilts
Walton, H.A.             Bugler Can Inf
Ward, F.            5th Otago Inf NZC
Ward, R.M.            Lt RN
Warwick, C.T.             Cpl 7th Wilts
Wathen, R.            MT ASC
Watts, F.            RFA
Watts, H.            4th Wilts
Watts, S.H.            RE
Watts, S.H.            RFA
Watts, V.E.            6th Wilts
Watts, W.            5th Wilts
Watts, W.H.            18th Welsh
Watts, W.            5th Wilts
Weaver, H.            4th Wilts
Webley, H.W.    1st Devons
Welham, C.H.            L/Cpl 3rd Wilts
Westhall, G.T.              6thWilts
Whatley, H.            R Mun Fus
Whatley, W.            4th Wilts
White, E.            RAMC
White, F.            8th Wilts
White, P.            2nd Wilts
White, P.A.            RE
White, R.            4th Wilts
White, R.A.            ERA RN
White, W.J.            AB RN
Wicheard, F.            4th Wilts
Wicheard, S.H.            4th Wilts
Wilkins, S.            –
Wilkins, W.J.            Lt Som LI
Wilkins, W.J.            4th Wilts
Willis, R.            4th Wilts
Willson, W.C.R.            RAMC
Wilshere, W.              Cpl Rifle Bde
Wiltshire, T.G.            RSM 5th Wilts
Windo, R.            4th Wilts
Wise, A.            4th Wilts
Wise, A.            MT ASC
Wise, A.E.            2nd Wilts
Wise, H.            10th Glos
White, C.J.            1st Dorset
Worthen, S.            ASC
Wright, H.J.            1st/4th Wilts
York, C.G.            1st Dorsets
York, F.            R Dub Fus
Young, C.            RFA
Young, E.            5th Wilts

York, E.            7th Wilts