26th September 2019

Pollinator Hotels for Bradford on Avon

In August, we launched the Climate Emergency Steering Group, which was attended by over one hundred members of the community who were interested in collaborating to find ways of tackling climate change and associated issues, such as declining wildlife and biodiversity.

Girl Guide Ellie Davies attended on behalf of the Bradford on Avon Guides, and was so inspired by the talk by Bernard Steele on bees, that she decided to initiate a project to help support and encourage these valuable creatures within our town and surrounding villages.

Enlisting the help of her Great Uncle, Ellie had several pollinator hotel cases made, which she then took along to a bee themed evening at the Guides this week. She also invited Bernard Steele, to talk to the other Guides about beekeeping and her former Westwood-with-Iford Primary School‘s headteacher and radio host, Ian Rockey to conduct an interview on the project. In addition, she invited Steering Group members Cllr Alex Kay, (also Chair of our Environment & Planning Committee) and Town Council Communications Officer, Lydia Booth, to help spread the word about the project.

After the talk, the Guides worked together to fill the insect hotels with suitable materials (hollow sticks, bark, pine cones, etc) which enable pollinators and insects of all kinds to find safe refuge over winter. These are particularly useful in more manicured green areas which are traditionally kept clear of plant vegetation and debris that would otherwise provide shelter.

(Photo: an example of a pollinator hotel in situ)

Guide leader Bryony Green said:

“We really enjoyed learning all about bees and their importance in the environment. The evening also provided an opportunity for the Guides and Rangers (girls aged 10-18) to take some action about something they feel strongly about (biodiversity and its link to climate change). The whole event was brilliantly devised and co-ordinated by Ellie. We are looking forward to seeing the insect houses being well used and providing homes for local pollinators!”

Cllr Alex Kay added:

“We are thrilled that Ellie attended the Steering Group meeting and was inspired to create this wonderful project as a result. We’ve been so impressed by her initiative and capacity to see this project through from concept to realisation and she really is another star of her generation, determined to make a difference and reverse the damage done to our planet and ecosystems.”

To listen to the interview on Westwood Radio click HERE

The hotels will be positioned in various locations throughout the parish, and we will bring you more news on these over the coming weeks.

If you are undertaking a project related to the Climate Emergency or Biodiversity and live in Bradford on Avon or surrounding area (BA15 1&2 postal code), we would love to hear from you, so that we can help spread the word and inspire others – click HERE to get in touch!

Photos (excluding Bee Hotel in situ) Lydia Booth Photography