8th March 2022

The first van of donations to aid Ukraine has left Bradford on Avon

BRADFORD on Avon Town Council wants to thank residents and businesses for giving so generously to help the people of Ukraine. 

Currently, we are not accepting new donations as we have just sent off around 1,200 kilograms of aid last night (7 March). 

A spokesperson for the Town Council said: “We also want to thank all those who offered to support in other ways such as packing donations and getting the message out.”

Cllr Sam Blackwell and his wife organising the van
Cllr Sam Blackwell and his wife organising the van

Please keep an eye out on our social media for future updates on aid collections. 

On Saturday (5 March), volunteers sorted and packed over 100 boxes full of goods given by local people.

The van is being driven by two Ukrainian volunteers, Dmytro and Vlad Sveato. They kindly offered to transport the donations and on Monday, 7 March councillors and community volunteers packed the van tight. 

Volunteers sorting through boxes of donations
Volunteers sorting through boxes of donations

91 boxes and assorted sleeping bags have begun the journey to southeast Poland where they will be distributed by Ukrainian volunteers.  

Cllr Sam Blackwell, who organised the Town Council’s aid efforts, said: “Thanks to the efforts of all those involved we’ve been able to send off the first full van today.

“All donations have been gratefully received and are en route to help those who need them most. 

“Our drivers are also very grateful to be able to do their part to help their country.”

The Town Council will pay for the transportation costs following a motion by Cllr Blackwell which will be ratified at Full Council on Tuesday, 8 March.

The meeting will be broadcast live via the Bradford on Avon Town Council YouTube channel

Cllr David Garwood said: “In particular, we want to thank Pickfords, which provided the packing boxes.