24th June 2024

Town council launches new petition opposing development on Old Golf Course

The town council is launching a petition to oppose development on the old golf course site.

The site is currently listed in Wiltshire Council’s local plan as a reserve site for development in Bradford on Avon.

We are investigating alternative sites for some small-scale development within the town which can hopefully negate the need to develop on the old golf course.

As we said in our response to the Wiltshire Local Plan at the end of 2023, we believe this site is wholly unsuitable for development for several reasons.

These include a loss of biodiversity, the risk of disturbing contaminated land and the poor access to the site.

“I am still deeply concerned about the presence of this site on Wiltshire Council’s draft local plan,” said Councillor Jack Vittles, Mayor of Bradford on Avon.

“As we (town council) made clear in our response to the local plan, the site is wholly unsuitable for development and that position has not changed.

“I would urge all those who wish for the site not developed, to please sign our petition to make it clear it to Wiltshire Council our feelings about the potential changes to this site.

“Our last petition had more than 2,000 signatures, and we need to show our continued and growing objection to the threat of any development.”

As it stands, there are no planning applications on the site, but this does not mean there will not be in the future.

Our aim is to show this town’s continuing and growing opposition to development on this site.

Please sign our Change.org petition if you feel the old golf course should not be developed.