22nd September 2022

Wiltshire Council and Bradford on Avon Town Council launch electric car hire survey

People in Bradford on Avon and the surrounding area are being asked for their views on an electric car hire scheme that could start up in the town.

Wiltshire Council and Bradford on Avon Town Council are asking the town’s residents, businesses and community organisations for their thoughts on an electric car club, along with bike hanger storage facilities, in the town.

The two councils are working in partnership with electric car provider Co-Cars to establish local demand, and if enough people are interested it could enable affordable access to electric cars for everyone in Bradford on Avon, while also supporting the shift to zero carbon transport.

The electric car club would see cars, which are bookable from half an hour, located around the town. Members would have access to electric cars without having to own one, helping people to save money while reducing congestion and improving air quality.

The short online survey, which ends on Sunday 4 November, also asks people’s views on new ‘bike hangar’ cycling storage facilities in the town.

Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “An electric car club in Bradford on Avon would enable people in the town to use a car when they need it, saving them money while also reducing carbon emissions.

“We want to ensure our communities are well connected and reduce carbon emissions, as stated in our business plan, and an electric car club in Bradford on Avon would help us towards this.

“However, we need to establish local demand before this type of service could start in the town, and that’s why we’re working closely with Bradford on Avon Town Council and Co-Cars to find out if this is what people want.

“I’d urge anyone interested in an electric car club, along with businesses and organisations in the town and nearby to take part in this survey and let us know if the demand is there.”

Cllr Tim Trimble, Bradford on Avon Town Councillor, Chair of the Sustainable Travel Committee and Wiltshire Councillor, said: “One of our objectives as a Town Council is to prioritise more sustainable forms of transport in and around Bradford on Avon.

“A shared use electric car and bike club presents members with a potentially exciting opportunity to help save money, cut down on personal vehicle use and further demonstrate our commitment to the Climate Crisis.

“I would encourage everyone who wants to reduce their carbon footprint, cut their transport costs and ease congestion to fill out this survey.”

The proposal for Bradford on Avon follows a similar scheme in Salisbury.

To take part in the survey, people should go to https://bit.ly/ElectricBoA; or to find out more about Co-Cars, people should go to www.co-cars.co.uk.