Town Council Assists in Biggest Paper Bag World Record

On 23 September, Jon Marling, Director of Wiltshire based Paper Bag Co, a market leading supplier of eco and paper bags to retailers, achieved a world record for making the biggest paper bag in history. He and his team did it on the grounds of Fitzmaurice Primary School in Bradford on Avon with help from the children there. The Paper Bag Co record breaking bag measured a huge 22.50 metres long, 15.41 metres wide and 3.36 metres deep. Materials needed included almost a mile of brown paper, three miles of paper tape and a mile of paper string.
A second world record, which is still pending authentication was attempted for the most amount of people in a paper bag. A total of 272 children stepped into the open end of the bag for this record. Assisting in these world record attempts as witnesses were Town Councillor, Mike Roberts and Town Clerk, Sandra Bartlett.
The bag was quickly cut up and recycled into smaller bags after the record was recorded so the children could take home a memento from the event. Mr Marling’s intention was to show how paper bags are strong and easy to recycle, to demonstrate they make a great alternative to plastic bags at the till, which currently cost customers 5p each due to a new law.

Watch a video of the event in high speed in this stop-frame motion film: or find out more about Paper Bag Co here: