Grant Applications to Bradford on Avon Town Council 2017-18

Bradford on Avon Town Council are pleased to be able to support organisations and in exceptional circumstances, individuals, who work to directly benefit the whole town, or part of the area or its inhabitants.

It has recently been decided to replace the existing rolling system
, by asking for grant applications in April and October each year.  This will be effective from the 1st April 2017.

Grants for Recreation Committee for this April should reach the Town Council Office no later than Monday 27th March 2017 to enable them to be considered by the Recreation Committee on 4th April.

General grants should reach the Town Council Office no later than Monday 10th April 2017 to enable them to be considered by the Resources & General Purposes Committee on 18th April.

Cut off dates for October applications will be dependent on meetings arranged in the new Council year.

As a reminder, the following are the criteria to be considered when applying for a grant. Applications cannot be considered without the latest audited accounts.


i) that there will be direct benefit to Bradford on Avon or part of the area or to its inhabitants.

ii) that the direct benefit which will accrue to the area or inhabitants will be commensurate with the amount of expenditure.

iii) that with exception to disaster fund appeals, no grants will be made to national based organisations unless they can show the proportion of direct benefit to the residents of Bradford on Avon.

iv) that grants will only be made to individuals in exceptional circumstances.

v) Latest audited accounts to accompany your application.

We look forward to receiving any grant application you may wish to make in due course and hope that your organisation has a very successful 2017.

Application Forms can be downloaded from or please contact the Town Council office.

Kind regards,

Sandra Bartlett
Town Clerk

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