Have you seen our new garden designs in Westbury Gardens?

Take a look the next time you’re in town and while away an hour or so to admire our lovely gardens and experience views from one of Bradford on Avon’s favourite vistas.  Come and see for yourself the newly planted flower beds and borders that have been transformed by our hardworking staff for all to enjoy.

Bradford on Avon Town Council took over ownership of this open space from Wiltshire Council in 2016 and improvements are ongoing to bring this area back to its original beauty and rightful status as the Town’s ‘Jewel in the Crown’. The antique lamp posts are being painted in readiness for the annual Hanging Baskets display in June and the Lime trees will be pruned in late summer in preparation for the Christmas Lights event in November. We hope you enjoy this area as much as we do.

To see more photos, of Westbury Gardens, visit our Facebook album HERE

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