4th June 2020

Black Lives Matter: Statement from Leader of the Council

Leader of the Council, Dom Newton has released a statement on behalf of the Town Council:
Councillor Dom Newton“As a Town Council, we are proud to stand in solidarity with both individuals and communities affected by the killing of George Floyd, and those everywhere who are coming together across the world to challenge racism.
To stay silent at this time is to give in, and in doing so, is to condone. That is something that no Councillor here was elected to do.
Racism and prejudice, whether overt and covert are real things – and the pain and suffering caused to those who experience it is profound and unacceptable.  It doesn’t just happen in ‘other’ places; it is also faced by people locally.
In recognising that, and in not accepting it, we as a community can make it clear that Black Lives Matter, and acknowledge that whilst there is progress to be made, there is, and there must be, hope for the future.”

UPDATE: 6th June 2020

Last night St Margaret’s Hall and the huge tree in Westbury Garden shone purple and will do over the next few nights in memory of George Floyd and in solidarity with anti-racism protests around the world.

Mayor of Bradford on Avon, Simon McNeill-Ritchie said:

“George Floyd’s murder is another tragic example that shows racism is as deadly as any disease. By illuminating St Margaret’s Hall and Westbury Garden we stand united with communities locally and worldwide in our call for an end to this blight on humanity.”

Thank to Burbidge Electrical Contractors for helping us light the tree.
Photos Lydia Booth photography