18th November 2019

Climate Emergency Steering Group makes headway

On Thursday 14th November, we held our second Climate Emergency Steering Group meeting, with a good turnout from the community again.

At the session, we revisited the list of ideas generated in the last meeting, this time looking at actions that the community could take forward as projects, and by the end of the evening narrowed down to a list of favoured priorities, and community members who would work on them.

The list will be revisited at future sessions, with this session’s attendees deciding to focus on:

  • Green Doors – open houses where people can learn about techniques to improve the carbon footprint of their home.
  • Traffic signage – proposing climate awareness signage across town
  • Supermarkets – generating ideas to encourage supermarkets to help the climate/plastic pollution problem
  • Green spaces – looking at green spaces across the parish to advise on best practice re: climate/biodiversity

In addition to the above, the Town Council is continuing to take forward some projects/ideas independently and is liaising with external organisations on how best to deliver these.

Cllr Alex Kay, who chaired the meeting (and one of four Town Councillors present) said:

“There was a buzz of enthusiasm and creative energy in St Margaret’s Hall. Overall, it was a very positive and encouraging session. We are a lucky town to have so many  people prepared to engage with the environmental issues and act accordingly.”

We also welcomed guest speaker, Peter Capener, Managing Director of Bath & West Community Energy. Peter introduced BWCE and initiatives that they are running to help communities and businesses tackle climate change. Of particular interest to the room was their Community Solar 2020 scheme which offers an opportunity for businesses, schools and community buildings to install solar for free, make savings on energy and contribute to community projects, amongst other benefits.

Which roofs may qualify?

  • Located in Bath & North East Somerset and parts of Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire that border B&NES.  See the area of benefit map.
  • Southerly facing pitched roof in good condition (ideally 300 square metres – around the size of a tennis court) OR a shallow pitched roof which faces due East and West.
  • On a building that uses a significant amount of power year round.

For more information, download their Community Solar 2020 leaflet HERE

Following on from the meeting, Peter Capener said:

“It’s exciting to see town councils like Bradford on Avon grasp the climate crisis nettle and I was delighted to join their climate emergency planning session. I hope we can work with local communities and the Town Council to develop new community owned renewable energy projects, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points as part of the rapid transition away from fossil fuels central to our long term future.”

Bath & West Community Energy (BWCE) are also looking for volunteers for an exciting new project called Flex Community which aims to change how we use electricity to reduce carbon emissions, help the grid manage supply and demand better and ultimately make it easier to supply renewable energy directly to villages and small neighbourhoods.

They have been successful in signing up a small group of volunteers for a pilot project to test a smart app developed by Stemy Energy that operates with an immersion heater. They now want to recruit more participants to join them in the New Year, so if you are interested and want to find out more visit https://www.bwce.coop/flex-community/ or go along to their public meeting on Thursday 28th November – more details and booking via Eventbrite.

We are really grateful to Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon for providing the bar for the event, with any profits going to an eco charity of their choice.

If you would like to come along to our next steering group meeting, keep an eye on our website and social media for the next date announcement.

All are welcome!