21st July 2022

Councillors vote to buy camera to help drive down speeding

Councillors have agreed to buy a speed watch camera to help drive down speeding in Bradford on Avon and to assist the Community Speed Watch (CSW) volunteers. 

At the latest Sustainable Travel committee meeting, councillors unanimously voted to buy an AutoSpeedWatch camera

These cameras are already used in towns and parishes across the county to assist CSW schemes. 

Chair of the Sustainable Travel committee, Cllr Tim Trimble said: “While no fines can be issued because of these cameras – it is like having a CSW team which doesn’t get tired or get hungry! 

“Unlike yellow box cameras, the AutoSpeedWatch can tell when vehicles are speeding persistently and records vehicle details including MOT, tax and insurance.

“This means Wiltshire Police can prioritise their resources against the worst offenders.”

Buying the camera will cost Bradford on Avon Town Council £600 including signage and the first years’ software support – with additional costs of £150 per year for continued support. 

Police and Crime Commissioner, Philip Wilkinson, is keen to improve speed limit enforcement in the county.