13th April 2022

Decision taken to move Duck Race launch to protect swans and their eggs

Bradford on Avon Town Council has decided to move the Duck Race (Monday, 18 April) further down the river to avoid disturbing the nesting swans and their clutch of eggs. 

A number of residents have raised concerns over the potential for the Duck Race to disturb the swans underneath the Town Bridge. 

To ensure that no nesting bird is disturbed, we have decided to move the Duck Race downstream from the traditional launch point of the Town Bridge to Westbury Gardens. 

The new launch site will be further along and on the opposite side of the river to the swans. 

We believe this will give the ducks adequate space away from the swans, and we will encourage the public to keep a distance from the nesting pair. 

Hopefully, these new measures will reduce any risk of the swans being disturbed and will enable Bradfordians to celebrate one of its most beloved events.