13th July 2022

Network Rail to begin railway bridge replacement in September

Work to replace the St Margaret Street railway bridge is due to begin in September, this year.

Network Rail has announced works to the St Margaret Street (road over rail bridge) between September 2022 and April 2023.

On Monday, 11 July 2022, Network Rail hosted a public meeting to discuss the works with a presentation available to view here.

During this period the road will be closed and there will be a partial closure of the Public Right of Way (St Margaret’s Place) adjacent to the bridge.

This, Network Rail said, would help in maintaining access for residents. The repair works, it is said, will involve periods of working through the night.

A presentation from Network Rail said: “The bridge is life-expired and in a very poor condition which cannot be economically repaired.

“The least disruptive solution is to deconstruct the original bridge, maintain the existing abutments and construct a new bridge in its place.

“This will prevent the bridge from being involuntary weight restricted or closed, it will also provide a major maintenance-free period for at least 25 years.”

Network Rail to begin railway bridge replacement in September