1st November 2019

New fountains and water bottles for BoA

Throughout the summer, we have been working on the installation of 3 water fountains to complement the existing refill scheme in the town.

We are thrilled to announce that all three of the fountains are now in place, tested and operational and in the following locations:

  • Sladesbrook Play Area
  • St Margaret’s Car Park
  • Culver Close Recreation Ground (behind the Pavilion)

The idea was brought to council by Chair of the Environment and Planning Committee, Cllr Alex Kay, (pictured), who had worked up the proposal and funding along with Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon, the BoA Preservation Trust, securing additional funds from Wessex Water, Area Board and CWLPEC. The Town Council agreed to fund the remaining majority balance and installation costs in recognition of the urgent need for a reduction in single use plastics.

These fountains and the refill scheme will now provide a town-wide opportunity for people to refill and reuse bottles for free, rather than spend money, and use unnecessary resources on single use drinks bottles.

Cllr Alex Kay said:

“The Town Council are committed to helping our residents and visitors reduce single-use plastics and will continue to work with Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon and other groups, to find more ways to help people make positive changes to help our environment.”

The Town Council’s Visitor Information Centre, in Westbury Garden, is also now selling branded ‘Explore BoA‘ re-usable bottles; small, light metal ones (£7.50) which are perfect to carry around whether young or old, and some rather fancy thermal ones (£25), if you would like something more substantial; perhaps the perfect sustainable Christmas gift?

The scale of global plastic pollution and the effects it is having on our planet and wildlife was highlighted by Sir David Attenborough’s ‘Blue Planet’ Series 2. Many other high profile programmes and documentaries are now available, such as ‘A Plastic Ocean‘ and the recent BBC series ‘War on Plastic‘.

Locally, Plastic-Free Bradford on Avon give lots of tips and information on how to reduce plastics in our lives, and as a community, we have been awarded Plastic-Free community status.

It’s great that so many people are managing to cut down their plastic use, though there’s a long way to go, so please show your support to local businesses selling plastic free produce, let those that aren’t know that you’d like to see change and always remember to take your re-usable bags and cups with you.

Photos Lydia Booth Photography