3rd July 2020

Town Council managed play areas to re-open

From tomorrow, Saturday 4th July, the Town Council will re-open the children’s play areas under our management in the following areas:

  • Barton Farm
  • Victory Field
  • Sladesbrook
  • Kingston Farm (NB: limited facilities due to recent arson attack)

In order to assist with social distancing measures*, and reduce numbers in the areas at one time, we have temporarily reduced the number of swings in both Sladesbrook and Barton Farm Play Areas.

We will also be displaying the following notices at each site and ask visitors to familiarise themselves with these guidelines before visiting:

It is likely that many children will be very excited to return to the play areas, but please limit your stays, explaining to children in advance, in order to let everyone have their turn.

Thank you for your patience in these challenging times and stay safe.

*Play areas have been closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though the government has now advised re-opening may take place, supported by any measures individual authorities wish to consider within the follow guidelines: