23rd February 2023

Highways Improvement Requests

Local highways and footways improvement groups – LHFIGs – are sub-groups of Wiltshire Council’s Community Area Boards.

There is an LHFIG for each Community Area Board in Wiltshire.

This means there is an LHFIG for the town (that is a sub-group of the Bradford on Avon Community Area Board)

LHFIGs focus on highway and footway issues.

Requesting improvements

Residents can apply to Bradford on Avon’s LHFIG to request changes and improvements to the highways and footways in the town.

Requests to the LHFIG come to the Town Council first. This way, new requests are discussed by the Council’s Sustainable Travel committee.

There is more information about the LHFIG on Wiltshire Council’s website: Wiltshire Council information about LHFIGs

You can find an online request form on Wiltshire Council’s website. Alternatively, you can download a copy of Wiltshire Council’s form here: add PDF

If you have any questions or difficulties with the form, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Completed forms should be sent to us first. You can either email us with the completed form. Or you can send or deliver your completed form to our Kingston House office.

What happens next

The Town Council’s Sustainable Travel committee considers requests.

After this, requests are submitted to the town’s LHFIG.

We’ve produced this flow chart to shows the various stages of the process for requests:

Highways Improvement Request Forms flowchart (pdf)

Highway Improvement Requests progress (pdf)